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Drone Experience

I am a drone enthusiast and have a strong interest in drone technology. With my geospatial background, I have been able to combine my geospatial skills and drone passion to work on experimental drone/ UAV uses in GIS, such as surveying, mapping and 3D modelling. During previous positions, I undertook some of my own research and expanded my knowledge on photogrammetry, surveying and key uses of drone technology. 

I am fascinated with seeing the world from a different perspective, as drones provide a unique way to see the world. You can see this through my imagery, I try to capture perspectives which you usually wouldn't see.


Drones can also provide innovative ways to capture data, which is increasingly important in our data drive lives. I am interested in integrating drone technology with geospatial data and applications for sustainable development and hope to work on more projects in the future where I can combine my drone and geospatial skills.

noun_drone camera_2009821.png

Check out some of my drone photography and videography.

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