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A sunny day out in Lund, Sweden (Summer 2021)

Lund, Sweden holds a special place in my heart - literally and metaphorically. It's the place where the love of my life is from, grew up and lives and a place where I have created so many memories and where I hope to continue creating memories in the future.

But for other normal people who have no heartfelt attachments to Lund, what and where is this city?

Lund is a city in Southern Sweden, home to about 100,000 people in the province of Scania. It is just a short drive, train or bus trip from Malmö - Sweden's third-largest city which is conveniently located across the Öresund from Copenhagen, Denmark (see map below). Lund is sometimes mentioned as the oldest town or city in present-day Sweden, as it is literally THOUSANDS of years old (something a new world Aussie isn't used to).

Last summer I took the streets of Lund, camera in hand, to capture some of this amazing historic architecture that surrounds the city centre or centrala staden and of course stop off to see some of the famous ivy buildings! Being the cartographer I am, I have created this simple map of central Lund with the 6 main attractions that I know and love.

Situated in the city centre is the Lundagård, a small park with a few buildings, which include the famous Lund Cathedral (6)in Swedish Lunds Domkyrka and Kungshuset (1). The Cathedral built circa 1090–1145 stands tall, making it 876 years old! The Cathedral is the meeting point in Lund, you can spot it from many different directions making it a key piece of city architecture.

The old town consists of many quaint streets, such as Lilla Fiskaregatan and Klostergatan, where you can find pretty much anything and everything. From delicious bakery's, to coffee shops, burger spots, clothing stores to even snus shops - everything is somehow just around the corner.

Lund University

Many people may know Lund for the well known and renowned University - Lund University; established in 1666, it is one of Scandinavia's oldest and largest institutions for education and research. The university and its buildings dominate much of the centre of the city, adding to the city architecture and creating some very stunning buildings. The famous Lund University Library (Universitetsbiblioteket) is one which is a well known show stopper (especially during summer and autumn).

Well, that was a quick little dive into the lovely city of Lund and a few famous places. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and maps and if you are stopping by South Sweden / Copenhagen be sure to stop by for a fika (coffee and cake) in Lund's old town.

Swedish version of the map!

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