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Travels through Europe

It's always been a dream of mine to visit Europe (me and literally everyone else in Australia) and finally on June 1st, my plane touched down into Copenhagen, Denmark. I'd made it to Europe!

I love travelling and seeing the world, I think it really opens your eyes to new cultures, histories and traditions. I wanted to explore Europe the non-touristy way, I wanted to see places I thought were interesting and not just because they were on the 'map'.

I've seen a lot of natural beauty, hello Australia is full of it, and not that I didn't want to see Europe's natural beauty but what I found most fascinating were the historical architecture and the buildings. I always had my camera out, taking aesthetic photos of the amazing buildings I was emersed in. Take a look!

Amsterdam, Netherlands (1 -4) and Antwerp, Belgium. (4 - 9).

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