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Hey there! I am Ayeisha Sheldon, an Aussie a long way from home. The last 5 years I have spent working and moving around the world as a geospatial and remote sensing analyst, development consultant and freelance designer. Currently, I work online in Lund, Sweden.

I have a particular interest in humanitarian and sustainable development and believe that innovative digital solutions are an essential contributor to driving development agendas forward. I have over five years of professional experience within the geospatial field, working within different international and academic organisations. ​I am active in the geospatial community and try to be involved in relevant events and conferences and undertake extra learning initiatives and build network connections.


I hold a Bachelor of Science (2016, UQ) and a Master of Geospatial Science (2020, RMIT) from top Australian universities. I am highly driven, motivated and comfortable with positions of leadership and responsibility. I am a positive, confident and friendly young woman who has a strong passion for geography and the environment. This is also reflected in my personal life, where I enjoy travelling and getting out of my comfort zone. ​

In 2022, I was named one of Geospatial World's top 50 Rising Stars!

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